Die Shop (Heavy)

Here, in a heavy die shop, we manufacture from 2 meters to 4.5-meter length of dies using a different range of presses – hydraulic and CMM with other required equipment of international standard. Our plant is capable enough to make complex sheet metal components assemblies of different sizes. 


  • 65 T of dies per Month 12 Dies / Per month 


  • 5 CNC ( from 4 Mtr. to 1.6 Mtr. In size) All types Conventional Machines. 
  • 4 Try-out Press (1000T, 500T, 400T, 400T) CMM M/c, Pattern Shop. 


  • Body Floor Parts. 
  • Dash Assay, Wheel House, Door Inner, Bonnets, Auto Tail Door, Reinforcements, Side Panels etc.
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